Evan and Joshua's Hot Cocoa Stand was created when Evan was 5 and Joshua was 3. Evan had an idea to give hot cocoa to people who were cold. Evan told his parents about his idea and they decided that instead of looking for people who were cold, they would collect money by selling hot cocoa and would give the money to people in need.  For the first four years the stand was run out of their garage. In the fifth year, the stand moved to a local ice cream store and expanded to include raffle prizes from local vendors, and because Evan and Josh are avid Mets fan, they also raffle sports memorabilia. For the twelfth year, the stand moved to the Westchester Mall after the ice cream store closed. 2019 is the 13th Evan and Joshua's Hot Cocoa Stand. They have raised over $40,000 in total for multiple charities, including Oxfam, the local food pantry and for the past 10 out of 12 years, Pediatric Cancer Foundation.